Tuesday, January 5, 2016


We’re tired of our old map covers and we’re sure that somewhere out there someone has much better pics than we have.

We’re needing new cover pics this month for TABLE MOUNTAIN XII and for OVERBERG WHALE COAST #7

If you have an iconic pic of the mountain – we’re looking for the trad view here – and you reckon your pic is absolutely great, please submit it [see below]. 
If you have a great pic of any part of the Overberg – a truly representative pic [the sea and the whales would be good, but you might have something else!] please submit.
Please don’t send a full-res jpg – a low res pic will do. Attach your pic to an email with all your details [Name, Address, and a line certifying that the pic is yours and no one else's] and send it HERE.

If your pic is used on the map, you will receive:
* Two copies of the new edition, as soon as it’s in print;
* A package of ALL of Slingsby Maps books and prints that are currently in print: all the latest editions, too!
* A full set of all our digital products as well.
You will be fully acknowledged on the map as the author of the pic.
By submitting your pic you agree that, if yours is chosen, Slingsby Maps may use it in print, digitally, and cropped if necessary and as we see fit, to match our page format, etc etc provided that you are acknowledged as the author.

What’s more, we might award two prizes, because a pic on the back of the map never did any harm either!

Closing date: 19 Feb 2016, or sooner if the reprint is urgently needed!

Looking forward to hearing from you ....
Kaartman 2016

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