Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cape Point #4

Back in December 2002 we produced our first-ever map of Cape Point. We were hung up on an A2 format in those days, and the only way we could squeeze the old Cape Point Nature Reserve onto the sheet was to draw it to a smaller scale than the rest of the Table Mountain series. You could not stick all the maps together without the Point looking a bit silly. But at last that’s overcome, and the all-new spiffy A1-sized Cape Point (that goes up north all the way to Kalk Bay, by the way) glues seamlessly onto Silvermine and Table Mountain.
That’s not all ... scroll down to the end of this post to find out how you can snaffle this full colour waterproof map for 20% off the retail price ... for the month of August only!
Even that’s not all ... thanks to the SA Navy Hydrographer’s Office we also have off-shore info on the new map – the underwater contours, the sunken ship wrecks, treacherous reefs and Foul Ground. We’ve not neglected the landward side, either – all the paths are fully revised, and thanks to Chad Cheney of SanParks we have the latest Park boundaries. Even Roodeberg, the very latest acquisition is there. Chris Berens gave us some great relief shading, and all this with contours at 5m intervals make this the finest waterproof hiking map of the area ever produced.
And if you’re a foreigner, there’s even a topograph to show you how far away from home you are ...
The map includes the magnificent Red Hill / Kleinplaas area, of course, as well as the whole of Simon’s Town. Many hikers in this area will have been intrigued by the sad ruins of many little houses in the Brooklands area. Read all about the horrible events of the 1960s at 
Now to the nitty gritty. Go to . Choose the Cape Point map and click on ‘Add to Cart’. Go through the log-in procedure with MonsterPay – if the OTP they promise does not arrive in your email inbox, check your junk mail box too [their message sometimes gets diverted by your system]. When you’ve moved on to the page after you’ve put in your address – the page is headed ‘SHIPPING, etc etc ...’ – you’ll see a little panel marked ‘Do you have a gift certificate or promotional code?’ Enter this code in the space provided – make sure you type it correctly, with spaces: Cape Point 4 . You’ll be invited to click on ‘Redeem Gift Certificate’. Now you’ll notice that your final bill includes a 20% discount labelled ‘Launch Coupon’ ... and there you are – we’ll post you your 20% off map as soon as we receive your order. Offer valid, as they say, for the month of August 2014 only ...
We’re a generous lot here and we have another freebie waiting for you. If you’d like an illustrated guide to the Cape Point hikes you can download a FREE five-page printable pdf from 

Have some great hiking!

Kaartman, August 2014