Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spring is popping everywhere ...

The Kaartmans have just returned from a brief break at Sevilla, in the Agter-Pakhuis, where the spring flowers have to be seen to be believed ... this is going to be one of the GREAT YEARS for spring flowers, from the Cederberg up to Namaqualand, so if you have not booked already .... well, you’re probably too late!
To celebrate we have put together a DVD with over 1400 images of Cape Flowers, gathered on our mapping travels around the countryside. Most are pretty high-res [from 6 to 16 megapixels] and all we’ve done to them is changed the file names to reflect 

  • the plant’s family name
  • the genus of the plant
  • the species
  • AND ... the common name

We hope most of our identifications are correct, and we’d love your feedback if not. 
The DVD’s make a great screensaver [full instructions on the disk] or simply a neat way to identify those gorgeous beauties out there. You can buy one online for only R100 – click on the word EFT to buy by EFT [don’t forget to add R20 for postage]; you can also buy by credit card, click on the Add to Cart button ....
[By the way it is a DVD even tho the pic above says 'CD' ...]
Whet your appetite with the pics below ....
Kaartman, July 2013