Friday, March 28, 2014

A Snake in the Trees

Mrs Kaartman and I were extremely privileged recently to be invited to a preview of Cape Town’s latest and greatest functional sculpture – the Kirstenbosch “Boomslang”.
Designed by architect Mark Thomas and engineers Henry Fagan & Partners, the Boomslang is being built by relations of ours, building constructors Slingsby & Gaidien.
Accompanied by a selection of Kaartman offspring and other friends and relations we were shown over this nearly-complete marvel by brother David Slingsby.
Inspired by the structure of a snake skeleton, the Boomslang literally snakes through the treetops, with fantastic views over the Gardens, the mountain and the flats beyond. Let the pics speak for themselves; in the meantime, please DON’T arrive at the Boomslang and ask to be allowed in: someone will probably be rude to you. Its official opening lies ahead, possibly in May, and entrance will be free, so contain yourselves, please – it will be worth it.

Happy April!
Kaartman, 29 Maarch 2014

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