Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yips yips, after two years of research and six months of drawing, "Swartberg and the Klein-Karoo" has gone to the printer at last. It's our first new commercial map since 2007, so it's a bit of an event. All the details are on the website, but here's the sample bit to save you having to dig all the way down for it:

When I told Chris Berens I was doing this map he commented,
"I'm hoping for some fab photos of the sickly-lit stalactites." Well, it's a map, Chris, so it doesn't have a lot of photos, but I was able to oblige you with this one:

Enjoy it!
Oh ja, if you sent in an email asking to be told about this map, when its ready, you should receive the answer in the next coupla weeks. There'll probably be an initial special price on the map, too.
I've got lots of people to thank for useful inputs to this map - too many to mention by name; and of course many thanks to all the places-to-stay, many of whom sent in very useful comments. 
Last but not least desperate thanks to Thomas, whose many hours of labour have not been in vain, and mebbe soon he'll be able to pay me back!

More soon.


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